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Customer Service Skills

Being a Sit Means Sit (SMS) franchise owner requires daily interactions with people, they are your sole source of income. You have a signed contract to modify the behavior of their dog and your clients expect you to fulfill that contract “to the letter.” You charge a premium for your time and you have a set schedule.

In other words, there are more than a few things that can go wrong in the course of your day. When things go wrong, clients are affected, usually in a way that complicates the equilibrium of the company/client relationship. Heated disputes with clients are rare for SMS franchise owners. Our training system works and that is the basis for being hired by a client in the first place. Our price is contracted, too, so disputes over money are atypical. Therefore, conflicts are minimized.

Yet things happen, so Customer Service skills are necessary.

In our vernacular, Customer Service refers to all client interactions after a sale contract is mutually signed. Arranging with the new client for the time and place of training is a Customer Service issue. Getting a client to agree to the results of your training is a Customer Service issue. Even after a client’s check has cleared, you may face Customer Service issues.

SMS franchise owner-candidates do not need a deep background in customer service or sales in order to succeed. However, the following skills will prove to be intangible assets of your business and will foster its growth:

  • Interpersonal skills
    Dilemmas between people occur when expectations and results fail to align in the mind of one party or the other. Empathy, building trust, conveying respect — generally having the ability to work with others to resolve disagreements without sustained despair doesn’t come from reading a book. Experience is the best teacher and we have decades of valuable experience to share with you.
  • Availability
    Disputes escalate when the aggrieved party can’t get an audience for their grievance. Don’t avoid those uncomfortable conversations; it only makes things worse. More often than not, people just want someone to hear them out. Be available so you can work through a challenge. If you are one to run, you will face unnecessary customer service challenges throughout your career.
  • Effective listening
    Do you hear what people are saying or do you listen to them? There’s a difference. Leaders can “hear between the lines” to discern a speaker’s intent and motives, for instance. Dispute resolution is a matter of give and take but if you don’t listen closely when a customer speaks, you’ll miss their intent and desired outcome from the conversation. This can spawn problems.
  • Deliver Results
  • Make promises you know that you can deliver. The rule of thumb is under promise and over deliver. With our time tested and proven system, results are simply a matter of time and repetition. The magic happens when you formalize a solid bond with your client to be accountable to follow through with the SMS training system, daily. Once transition is in motion, the results multiply quickly and the client finds themselves with a new found appetite to spend with their dog..